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    The Challenge: Facing retirement unprepared and with limited resources, preventing you from enjoying your life.

    The Laguna Alternative: Building a plan to provide peace and confidence to help you survive and thrive in retirement.


    The Challenge: Making your hard-earned income and savings count and avoiding the chance of facing a poorly designed future .

    The Laguna Alternative: Developing strategies to help you experience a future that you have worked hard to earn and enjoy.


    The Challenge: Your costs continue to increase, impacting your resources and budget while hurting your ability to save for the future.

    The Laguna Alternative: Creating a structure around your savings and investment to help bring peace and confidence to you and those you love.



    Our Financial Health Checklist examines your financial well-being and organization across four major dimensions. It can be useful regardless of your current stage of life. Simply enter your name and email address below and click “Submit”, and we will send you the checklist via PDF.

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        About Laguna Capital Management, Inc

        Who are you?
        Laguna Capital Management, Inc. is an investment and financial planning firm, acting as a fiduciary, committed to developing long-term relationships with our clients. Fiduciaries work in their clients’ best interests and can only recommend financial strategies that fully benefit a specific client’s economic situation. Furthermore, fiduciaries are required to avoid and disclose any conflicts of interest to their clients. Fiduciaries have two main duties while managing money:

        • Duty of Care: Under this, fiduciaries are required to make informed business decisions by reviewing all of the available information about your financial life before making recommendations or plans.

        • Duty of Loyalty: This refers to the requirement that a fiduciary not use their position to further their interests, such as making financial product recommendations they may make a commission on.

        What aspects of my financial life can I expect you to assist with?
        From our perspective, all aspects of your financial life that you would like addressed matter to us and will be covered in the course of our meetings and discussions.
        Why should I work with a Certified Financial Planner™?
        A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional (CFP® professional) can help coordinate your personal finances to meet your goals and objectives. CFP® professionals must pass the comprehensive CFP® Certification Examination, pass CFP® Board’s Fitness Standards for Candidates and Professionals Eligible for Reinstatement, agree to abide by CFP® Board’s Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility and Rules of Conduct which put clients’ interests first and comply with the Financial Planning Practice Standards which spell out what clients should be able to reasonably expect from the financial planning engagement. Lastly, CFP® professionals have a fiduciary obligation to remain objective and to align recommendations to meet each client’s goals and objectives.
        Who holds my money if I invest with Laguna Capital Management, Inc.?
        Our primary custodian is TD Ameritrade Institutional. Through our platform, you will have the benefits of institutional access to your investment accounts. Our partnership with TD Ameritrade Institutional offers our clientele online access to view your account(s), regular statements (mailed or emailed), and institutional account reporting.
        Do you work with other professionals? If so, how?
        At Laguna Capital Management, Inc. we seek to maintain a network of trained and respected professionals who we can refer to for their subject matter expertise in associated areas such as tax planning and estate planning. These relationships are strictly professional and Laguna Capital Management, Inc. is not affiliated with these individuals nor compensated by any fee sharing arrangements.